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We Are Your Best Option For Camping In The Wild

18 Sep 2014, Posted by Impressions Group in Blog

Go Anywhere Your Truck Can Go Having your custom built camper attached to your truck bed has many advantages, but definitely the best advantage of all is that your camper will go anywhere your truck can go; meaning many off-road locations and dirt or mud…

Building the Camper Of Your Dreams

06 Sep 2014, Posted by Impressions Group in Blog

Phoenix Pop Up Campers: Creating Custom Truck Campers For About 40 Years At Phoenix Pop Up Campers we love to make our customers happy, and for about 40 years we have produced the best custom truck campers for them. Along the years our company has…


27 Apr 2014, Posted by esteban in Blog

What to pack and how to take it there? Camping is all about, getting to a determined location and setting up camp. Then staying there for a certain time, packing up and heading out. The gear, supplies and camping method you use, will determine how long…

Extreme Outdoors: 10 Best Surf Spots

25 Apr 2014, Posted by esteban in Blog

Living a surfer’s dream Imagine yourself cruising the globe on a Phoenix Camper, searching for waves! That would be the life long dream! That is the beauty of a truck camper, you have the versatility of the pickup truck and you can basically camp where…

Phoenix Pop Up Campers: Who are we?

23 Apr 2014, Posted by esteban in Blog

The Beginning of Campers Our Family started Four Wheel Campers here in Colorado in the early 70′s and ran it until the late 80′s. Then, to diversify the family business, My Father started a new venture, building Tiger Motor Homes. Tiger Motor Homes took off like wildfire, and…

RV 101: Different Types Recreation Vehicles

15 Apr 2014, Posted by esteban in Blog

All the diffrent RVs out there have pros and cons you have to decide which option is best for you. We have broken it down to these categories to better categorize them all. Motorhomes Class A Motorhome These are the largest of all motorhomes, they…