Custom pop up for Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

06 Dec 2012, Posted by phoenixpopup in Blog

Check out one of our latest completed projects!

Raptor P.U.L.S.E. SC Custom Features: 

  • Hot water
  • Shower/restroom
  • Cassette toilet
  • Norcold compressor refrigerator
  • Glass flip top euro-style stove/sink combo
  • 110v to 12v power converter with built in battery charger
  • 12v to 110v portable power inverter with built in 12v outlet to plug into
  • Special angled extra wide table
  • Kitchen floor elevation with extra trap door storage under
  • Solar battery charger
  • Special length to allow tailgate to close behind
  • Phoenix ratchet strap tie downs
  • 4 corner happi jac camper jacks with power drill attachment
  • Air conditioner with snap over cover
  • Carefree Freedom III crank out 8′ awning
  • L.E.D. spot light on three sides
  • High mount ladder to roof to also allow tailgate to close
  • Portable 2,000 watt generator with built in storage and vented access door
  • Full custom paint job with Raptor metallic Tuxedo Black

Weight includes all optional features, plus full water tank, full propane tank, generator, and jacks installed.

  • George Kepler

    Looks great! I really like keeping the tailgate in place for better looks and increased security! The retained tailgate serves as a porch/work area! What’s the weight? Thanks.

    • phoenixpopup

      The wet weight of this unit with out the owners personal equipment was 1175 lbs.

      • Spike

        Isn’t that going to put the RAPTOR well past its GVWR? I love the idea but unless I’m misunderstanding the numbers, the GVWR for my 2012 SuperCrew RAPTOR is 7300-lbs and a weigh-in at a set of truck scales put me at 6680 including driver and fuel. How is a 1175-lb camper going to work within those weight limits? Or are you suggesting that it’s okay to exceed the GVWR?