Another Phoenix Pop Up Truck camper for a Chevy Avalanche

16 Aug 2012, Posted by phoenixpopup in Blog, Testimonials

This camper went out a couple of weeks ago to this great family of four. Here is what they had to say:

“Hello Cari – So far we have had 2 nights in the camper and everything has worked great. I bet Rob didn’t know he was designing a slide for 2 little boys on the passenger side of the truck camper. But it took Tanner and Casey no time to enjoy that feature and yeah I use it too. I am very glad I went for my inverter, charge controller, and solar system installed. We have to used the heater the last 2 nights. Takes 1 minute of running to heat the entire camper and truck up for the night.

Last night we stopped in north platte and found the cody campground. We decided in 10 minutes we are staying here if we go through north platte again. 5 bucks to camp. water hookups. A free zoo with plenty of animals to feed. I liked seeing buffalo and feeding the giant male elk. Told the donkey I loved him in shrek. They also have an amusement park with .50 cent rides and a restaurant with strawberry soft serve ice cream. Right now we have lots of geese and a river in our backyard. Tanner and Casey are playing with lego cars in that backyard. It will be hard to top this camping spot. But I will continue to look. Before we left Denver one of our stops for the boys was the lego store. The set Tanner got was a lego camper. Gee wonder why. I made breakfast yesterday and melinda today. So much cheaper travelling with your own hotel and restaurant with gas at 3.50 plus. We went to the rockies game in Denver. My 12th major league stadium now. Great stadium, great area for the boys, really friendly people, sat next to a guy from sioux city also in town for the weekend. But horrible team. No wonder your hockey fans. Go Gophers!”

  • John S. Weir

    Greetings. I own a 2010 Chevy Avalanche. I might be interested in making a purchase sometime

    in the future but would like to have some additional pictures of the interior and exterior

    layouts of the SHELL and the PULSE. Any other info your website does not have

    would also be appreciated,i.e.; dry weight and wet weight,etc. Where could one of these

    campers be seen, Omaha, Ne. is ground zero for me. Thank you.

    • phoenixpopup

      We build each camper from the ground up so we do not have any for “show” Please email me and I will be happy to send you some interior pictures of Avalanche campers interior..
      Have a nice day.

  • Eugene Bullacher

    I have an 2009 acalanche 1500 SE I am very interested in your pop camper . The houston R.V. show will be in Feb. 2013, will you be there ? I think this a hot item. Avalanches are very popular down here.

    • phoenixpopup

      We will not be at the RV show in Houston as we do not go to many shows. Please let me know if you have any questions that I could answer as I will be happy to. My email is cari@pheonixpopup.com